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Mobility geo business management trends

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What do you do?

GoDoWorks is a business Geo Management solution that will allow you to monitor remotely and in real time, the main information that staff do outside the offices in a company, allowing you to consolidate information in a decentralized way and systematize it. The GoDoWorks Web System interacts with the mobile application installed on Smartphones or Tablets used by teams working in the field, as a tool for the performance of their function outside the company.

How do you do that?

Understanding that technology is only a means to enhance the client’s business, GoDoWorks raises each of its projects from a more consultative perspective, with a work methodology that begins by understanding their needs, and then delivering value proposals based on its platform’s technology and the best market practices according to its operating segment.

Why did you decide to bet on a venture?

We found a great opportunity with mobile technologies as an engine to improve processes and optimize resources in companies which core business is based on the services they provide outside their offices. Productivity being their main objective of return on investment and the opportunity to obtain information in real time. The growth of mobile services has leveraged this vision. Business technologies, such as virtualization and cloud solutions are, without a doubt, the main allies to provide support in the development of a business mobility strategy as a driving force behind business transformation for different industries in Uruguay.

The dynamic environment in which we find ourselves today, pressures us to compete in the market in an agile and fast way, which implies considering some important points: seize the moment, anticipate ourselves, have the appropriate tools to respond to the strategy, respond on time to the actions of our competitors; that is, to integrate the commercial and operational processes of the companies with the need to provide a better service in the field and in the market in general.

What have been the 3 milestones of the company?

The GoDoWorks platform was developed in Montevideo, Uruguay approximately five years ago, just before the smartphone boom began, and business mobility began.

In 2014 and after several years of successes and achievements of the GoDoWorks Business Geo Management product, the company made the strategic decision to begin its internationalization phase, starting with Colombia. In this process, it achieved its first success with the constitution of the GoDoWorks office installed in Bogotá.

At the end of 2015 it was chosen as one of the 3 best startups by the Cámara Uruguaya de Tecnologías de la Informacion (Cuti) for its international achievements and regional projects.

In 2016 and with less than 2 years in the Colombian market, GoDoWorks has managed to carry out important implementation projects in the main business verticals such as technical service, installation companies and network optimization in fixed and mobile telecommunications, engineering companies, Trade Marketing, home health care, pollsters, among others; some with operations throughout the Latin American region, from Mexico to Argentina and at this time it is positioned as a strong opponent in the market, achieving important alliances with distributors, business allies and telecommunications companies that join forces to achieve important business in this country.

How has the process of growth in sales, number of clients and job creation been?

At the regional level, we have offices in three countries (Uruguay, Colombia and Bolivia) and soon in Mexico, where mobility, as in Colombia, is considered a critical factor for its development. We are about 20 collaborators between consultants, project engineers and developers, who make this company number one in its specialty. We have more than 100 clients, some of the largest in their industries, and more than 5000 mobile users at the regional level, using the tool.

Since GoDoWorks started in 2011, its activity and billing has not stopped growing, doubling its billing and number of clients year after year, accompanying this trend towards the consolidation of mobile technologies in Latin America.

What is the long-term goal?

Godoworks plans to open new branches in other countries, and position itself as the first integrator of this type of solutions in Latin America, with projects in all countries in the region, North America and also to reach European countries starting with Spain. Also, continue to carry out important integrations with top-level software such as ERPs, CRMs, and other management and business intelligence (BI) platforms, consolidating itself as its mobile management solution.

How do you see yourselves in a decade?

In a decade, our company sees itself multiplying its strength of collaborators throughout the region, reaching the largest number of industries and being the largest benchmark for technological solutions linked to business geo-management.

What do you require to achieve this purpose?

Finding ourselves at the forefront of technological evolution, delivering value in each project we carry out, contributing with automation, operational efficiency, customer satisfaction, becoming aware that every day we build our future around our personal commitment to each of our collaborators.

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