Financial business teams management software

GDW is a software that allows to have a consolidated and real-time vision of the commercial activities of the field team, allowing to collect and systematize information online, providing the necessary statistics to make strategic managerial decisions.

The solution helps with the routes management and commercial campaigns and collections monitoring, that facilitate the work in the field of the commercial force. It also allows customer satisfaction evaluation of the service received.

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Use cases

These are the different cases in which you may apply GDW | FINANCIAL SALES

Customer visits control

Monitoring activities on the street, office or telecommuting

Commercial management at fairs and events

Collections management

Intelligent management of call center campaigns

Transactional sales commercial management

Sales indicators monitoring


Commercial Policies management and monitoring

The solution allows you to preconfigure the promotions and discounts policies by volume or by client, automating the commercial process of your team in the field, achieving a follow-up on the sales cycle from prospecting to closing.

Route and time optimization

With GDW Financial Sales you can carry out an efficient planning and assignment of schedules and routes of the commercial team, according to their location and availability, reducing travel times.

Productivity increase

GDW Financial Sales allows you to schedule your activities and consult up-to-date and timely information from customers, increasing productivity in business processes.

Sustained and timely decisions

GDW Financial Sales allows the design and monitoring of key KPIS, built from the decentralized survey of digital information, and the monitoring of established processes.

Committed and motivated sales force

GDW Financial Sales gamification module allows you to motivate and rate the desirable behaviors of your employees, committing them to the business processes and rules of the company they represent.

Process automation

Through a process modeler, the commercial flows that govern the changing reality of the market and the company can be designed and managed.

All in one place

Through GDW Financial Sales data repository, you obtain all the tools and commercial documents that will support the work of your team in the field, in one place.

Tailor-made solution

GDW Financial Sales is a tool designed to adapt to the policies, business rules and processes of your organization. Likewise, it allows integration with the main world-class management software as well as the institution’s own solutions.


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