JIMERY is, in accordance, responsible for the Database treatment, and may be contacted at the address Avenida Mariscal Francisco Solano López 1482 Office 1505, Montevideo, Uruguay and through emails at –, to consult or request any type of information that the Holder may require.

Processing of personal data

Our website may that must be relevant and adequate for the required purpose, such as: name, ID number, contact info such as email address, home address, phone number or cell phone number. When sensitive personal data is processed, the Responsible Party must inform the Holder that he is not obliged to authorize its treatment, likewise, the Holder will be informed explicitly and previously, which of the required data is of a sensitive nature and the purpose for its treatment, with express consent of the Holder.

The website is the authorized virtual channel for the collection of personal data. However other ways of obtaining it may be used. These mechanisms may be predetermined through technical, technological and/or virtual platforms that provide the Holder with his authorized manifestation.

The Holder will express his authorization in the following ways:

  1. In writing, by physical and/or electronic document
  2. Through unequivocal conduct of the Holder, which allows to conclude that the authorization was granted. Except that silence cannot be understood as unequivocal behavior.

The person in charge will keep proof of the granting of the authorization, either in physical or digital form.

Use of personal data

JIMERY uses the information in order to:

– Perform strategic, financial, social, labor and technical analysis.

– Build commercial and marketing programs and plans.

– Strengthen ties with customers by delivering relevant information, taking orders, attending to complaints and claims and evaluating management performance.

– Make, execute and manage business proposals

– Structure education and training projects.

– Evaluate and qualify operational risks.

– Control and prevent fraud, money laundering and the financing of terrorism.

– Execute operations inherent to obligations with customers and suppliers.

– Manage payroll administration including payment of parafiscal contributions.

– Provide, share, send or deliver your personal data to affiliated, related, or subordinate companies of JIMERY located in Colombia or any other country to comply with the obligations established through contractual relationships or to carry out any of the activities indicated here.

In compliance with our commitment to keep your information secure, we use the most advanced systems and constantly update them to guarantee that there is no unauthorized access.

Legal grounds for data processing

We rely on 2008 Law number 1266 and 2012 Law number 1581 to collect, use and store your data. You can withdraw your consent at any time from your settings.

Personal data is only collected and processed to the extent that the Holder allows it, in accordance with legal regulations. This includes consent and/or the relationship contract. Consent is necessary for the processing of personal data, and can be withdrawn or revoked at the end of the term of the contract or at any time if the Holder expressly requests it.

Holders rights

The Holder is informed that the rights set forth herein are guaranteed through compliance with the procedures for their collection defined by JIMERY. therefore, the Holder has the right to:

1. Right of Access to Information.

2. Right to Update and Rectification.

3. Right of Revocation of Authorization and Suppression.

4. Right to Request Proof of Authorization.

5. Right to be Informed Regarding the Use of Personal Data.

6. Right to File Complaints.

Consult the Data Processing Policy You will be able to know first-hand the JIMERY Database Treatment Policy. Through the electronic channels provided on its website or by requesting them directly by written or electronic means, addressed to the mail or to the address Avenida Mariscal Francisco Solano Lopez 1482 Office 1505 , Montevideo, Uruguay. This Privacy Notice is published and made available to the Holder or whoever requests it, in compliance with Articles 14 to 19 of 2013 Regulatory Decree 1377, of the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism.