Service & field work management software

GDW Services is a mobility solution that allows the design, execution and real-time control of the central processes carried out by service providers in the field.

It increases productivity levels and professionalization of work teams, ensuring Service Levels Agreements, customer, employee and user satisfaction.

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Use cases

These are the different cases in which you may apply GDW | SERVICES

Equipment service & maintenance

Locative Repairs

Equipment installations

Management and handling of Contractors / Third parties

Technical emergencies

Audits or inspections


Productivity increase

GDW Services increases the productivity levels of organizations through the digitization of information collected in the field in a decentralized manner in real time, and through geolocation of work teams.

Quality assurance

From the design, execution, control and monitoring of the companies workflows, the solution guarantees the quality standards defined by the organizations.

Committed and motivated collaborators

The GDW Services gamification module allows motivating and qualifying the desirable behaviors of your work teams, committing them to the processes and policies defined in the company.

Increased customer satisfaction

Improve relationships with your current clients, based on detailed information gathered by field personnel in real time. Likewise, from the customer web, it is possible to request and manage service orders with collaborators and provide feedback on the care received.

Sustained and timely decisions

GDW Services allows the design and monitoring of key KPIS for organizations, built from the decentralized survey of digital information, and the monitoring of established processes.

Market anticipation

The artificial intelligence module allows predicting the demand for the requested services and its behaviors, estimating the types and volumes of future demand, geographic dispersion, and the skills required by the staff to attend the generated services.

Asset traceability

The asset management module allows you to manage, control and monitor your own assets or those managed by the company, obtaining information on maintenance and all the previous actions taken on the good.

Process automation

By implementing a process modeler and artificial intelligence, it is possible to optimize operation flows.

Tailor-made solution

GDW Services is a tool designed to adapt to the policies, business rules and processes of your organization. Likewise, it allows integration with the main world-class management software as well as the institution’s own solutions.

Succes stories

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