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The company

Conatel is a company that integrates innovative technologies for critical processes with the ability to adapt to the needs of various segments. It offers each of these complete and effective proposals in the areas of Information Technology, Industry and Health.

Its work, recognized for the quality, solidity and reliability of the solutions it provides, stands out in the sectors in which it provides services. Since its beginnings in 1936, it has sought development through diversification and technology know-how. Conatel adds value to the customer by adding experience to the quality of the manufacturers’ products. Some of the partners it works with are leading companies such as Siemens, Hewlett-Packard and Cisco Systems, among others.

The challenge

Conatel faced the need to adapt the company to digital transformation, with field technicians using paper service orders, in addition to the need to be able to collect more information with each visit, such as photographic images, location maps of goods under contract, and real-time NPS surveys.

The staff on the street did not have their visiting routes scheduled, but had to contact their supervisors once each work order was completed to find out their next task. The excessive administrative burden generated by the transcription of service orders on paper and the constant telephone communication to download parts, given that the information provided by the technicians is necessary for various areas of the company, generated several delays and rework.

Time dedicated to each client is important to be able to measure the economic impact of each contract managed by the company.

The company uses SAP Business One as ERP, which implied that the project required full integration with the mobility solution to be adopted. All the service orders generated in the ERP, should be assigned, managed and closed by the selected platform, impacting again on SAP the result of the information collected.

The selected platform must have the posibility to evolve and adapt to business needs.

The solution

The GDW solution made the process more efficient, and the field technicians more productive. The software enables Conatel managers and planners to view both immediate and scheduled jobs and make tight decisions about prioritization, staffing scheduling, and rapid response to emergencies. An increase in productivity of 18% was achieved, since it is not necessary for them to go to the offices every day to pick up and leave service orders, but they manage everything from their mobiles, this also caused a positive impact on the savings of fuel by 8%.

GDW had APIs and together with the experience gathered in previous integrations with SAP they allowed the acceleration of project timing.

Given the flexibility and excellent usability of GDW | SERVICE a rapid adaptation of users to the solution and business needs was allowed.

GDW has a dashboard with graphics adapted to Conatel’s needs that allows understanding how the operation is developing and the ability to detect deviations.

The management time of each service order is integrated into SAP to be able to quickly calculate the costs of contract or client.


  • Less average time per job.
  • Technician productivity was improved by establishing visit routes in advance.
  • Location of each resource in real time, allowing the reassignment of tasks.
  • Notable reduction in paper costs and administrative burden.
  • Improved prioritization of jobs based on urgency.
  • Fuel savings.

“GDW gave us greater ease of management, with information in real time, for decision making and better operational efficiency.
It provides us with a rapid correction of indicators, in the event of deviations in key clients and, above all, professionalized the relationship with the client, by sending standard forms by mail with a homogeneous format”.

Álvaro Buere – COO


“Thanks to GDW, the information of each service order reaches the different actors within Conatel in real time, which allows the best decision-making and the least burden in administrative work and impact on costs”.

P. Zinghini – Service Supervisor.