Machinery and fleet on construction sites management software

GDW Fleet is a solution that allows the optimization of work costs, as well as the design, execution and control of the machinery, personnel, supplies and materials management processes.

The management software improves productivity and professionalization of the audit team, complying with the protocols and regulations of occupational safety.


Building cost optimization

By collecting decentralized information, it is possible to document, in real time, the purchase of fuel and oil by supplier and also record consumption, identifying the machinery used and the designated construction site.

Traceability of fuel and oils

GDW Fleet allows real-time traceability of fuel and oil shipments, verifying their origin and destination. Likewise, it facilitates management of suppliers, service stations, internal warehouses, among others, auditing the balances of each entity and recording the consumption of each corresponding machinery and construction site.

Productivity increase

The solution allows monitoring the performance indicators of consumption per liters and per hour of each machinery, vehicle and equipment, identifying and alerting the deviations from the predefined standards.

Machinery management and control

With GDW Fleet, by geolocation of construction sites, you can associate your own machines, vehicles and equipment or those of third parties carrying out activities in each location. In addition, you will be able to carry out security inspections on each asset, notifying the defects detected.

Optimization of assets useful life

It is possible to design and execute a maintenance plan for each asset, systematizing the actions that will optimize the performance and useful life of the company's assets.

Quality assurance

From the design, implementation, execution and control of the audit processes, the solution guarantees the expected quality and safety standards. Being a solution that does not require paperwork, the reliability and timeliness of the information collected is guaranteed.

Sustained and timely decisions

GDW Fleet allows the design and monitoring of key KPIS for the company, built from the decentralized survey of digital information and the monitoring of established processes.

Tailor-made solution

GDW Fleet is a tool designed to adapt to your organization's policies, business rules and processes. It also allows integration with the main world-class management softwares as well as your companies own solutions.

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