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GDW Trade is a software for retail management, SKUs monitoring and merchants / promoters supervision in real time. It allows the design, execution and monitoring of the key Retailers management indicators, ensuring the maximization of the points of sale and the daily activity of the teams involved.
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Use cases

These are the different cases in which you may apply GDW | TRADE

Outsourcing / BPO

Massive consume



Sales growth

GDW Trade ensures an increase in sales, based on a better management of the availability of products in points of sale (POS), share / facing in the aisles and prices survey, of own exhibitions and of those of the competition.

Sustained and timely decisions

GDW Trade allows the design and monitoring of key KPIS, built from the decentralized survey of digital information, and the monitoring of established processes.

Market anticipation

The artificial intelligence modules allow predicting demand and its behavior, allowing among other functionalities: forecasting shortage of stock, forecasting promotions and price variations.

Productivity increase

With GDW Trade you will be able to geolocate merchant routes in real time, verifying the fulfillment of visits to POS according to assigned routes. Likewise, your team will be able to verify the exhibition guidelines, ensuring correct implementation.

Motivated and committed team

The GDW Trade gamification module allows motivating and qualifying the expected behaviors of employees, committing them to the processes and policies defined in the company, as well as the defined campaigns.

Channel agreement monitoring

GDW Trade enables the audit of commercial agreements with chains and stores, allowing to document reality and take immediate actions.

Asset management

You can trace equipment and its maintenance status, such as fridges, aisles, headers, amongst others.

Management of promotions and POP material

It allows auditing and managing promotional materials at each point of sale, as well as special exhibitions.

Tailor-made solution

GDW Trade adapts to the policies, business rules and processes of your organization, through the survey and consultative advice of our team of professionals, integrating with the main world-class management software as well as your company’s own solutions.

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